My name is Evelyn.  I enjoy cooking, baking, shopping and listening to music.  I grew up in a big family.  Back then, cooking for many children could be quite challenging for my Mom.  I remember she went to the market once or twice a day, and bought lots of food when she came home.  I loved going to the market with her when there was no school, and I always enjoyed staying in the kitchen watching her when she cooked.   So I started to enjoy cooking ever since.   It was so unbelievable that my Mom never used any cookbooks.  She created her own recipes and always eyeballed the ingredients.   Surprisingly, her food was consistently delicious.  Now, my Mom is far away from me, and sometimes I still have cravings for certain foods that she has made.  I have to call her up occasionally to ask for the recipes when cravings strike.   Since she doesn't measure ingredients, it will be like playing guessing games for me.    

I have been fascinated with all the beautiful blogs that people have created.  The idea came so quickly that I should make my own blog.  It is going to be an exciting experience for me.  In the future, I will add more pages to it when I think of something that is of interest to me or maybe to you.